Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to make a felt applique

   It is late, but I finally got around to my next weekly word: classic!! I really do not think there is anything more classic than one of those traditional ivory and chocolate silhouettes. To make this extra versatile, we will just make an applique so you can affix it to whatever you like!
So you will need:
Ivory and Chocolate colored felt
The silhouette and frame shapes
Scissors – I use some gummy old ones for the tape and some manicure scissors for the detail cuts
Clear packing tape
Fusible web
And whatever you want to fabulous-ify!!

Okay, lets get going! Draw or trace your images onto a nice flimsy paper (old lined paper is perfect for this!) You can also take a pic of your kidos heads or have some one take one of you to use in this project to make it even more personalized.

We are going to start with the head since it has smaller detail and we want to make sure to get it before you are sick of cutting felt! Cut it out and set it to the side while you cut a piece of tape a bit bigger than the size of your image. Now lay your tape sticky side up and place your image onto it. Believe me, this will make your life so much easier in a minute. 

Now place your image “sticker” on your chocolate felt! 

Here is where the manicure scissors come into play. They have a nice curved edge which will really help you out with the tiny details.

And cut her out! Turn your silhouette over to make sure your lines are nice and clean then carefully remove any tape that is left on your felt image.

Now start the whole process over again with the frame image. (Pst, now would be a great time to ensure your silhouette will fit inside the frame. Found out the hard way. . . )

Starting with the ivory felt, tape down your frame and cut it all out in one piece. Ie, do not cut out the center.

Just be careful when you remove the extra tape!

Now once more with the chocolate felt, but this time cut out the center.

Give it a test and correct any areas where things are a bit off. Notice the bottom of the frame where the ivory peaking out? Just trim up everything to make it just right. I also cut off the little bottom flourish off the brown frame when my husband asked me what the “Q” was for. . .

Here is all the pieces cleaned up. 

Almost done!! Time to put things in their place. Use the felt silhouette to trace a face onto the fusible webbing.

Now, it will look like an alien, but make sure that the webbing will be smaller than your felt piece when you cut it out.

Since I will use a blanket stitch around the outside to place my applique, I will just use small pieces of web around the frame to anchor it. If you are not going to sew it down, you will probably benefit from using more webbing here. 

Iron down whatever webbing you are using then remove the papers and assemble. A quick press with the iron later and you have your new applique!!

I will be using my applique to make a supper classic baby onesie! What will you be making? 


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