Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Try It Out Tuesday: Pompom Necklace

Hi and welcome to my very first Try It Out Tuesday!! (gotta love alliteration. . .) 

At all the wonderful linky parties I attend, I see tons of awesome projects that I just can’t wait to try out and thus, Try It Out Tuesday is born! Each week I will pick a tutorial that I really want to try and post here about how it goes! If you have or know of a tutorial you think I would like to try out, email me or post a link in the comments section!

For this first week, I chose a super cute pompom necklace made by Rebekah L. over at Somewhere in the Middle. This necklace is super easy to make and *drumroll please* it is free to make! Just use what you have on hand! 

Alrighty, since she already did an amazing tutorial, I am just going to show you how I did it a tiny bit differently so I could use what I had in my craft drawer! 

To begin with, I didn’t have a metal pendant lying around. My improvisation? I used one of those really thin pieces of wood squares that come in giant packs at the craft store. I just drew a circle on it and cut it with some hardcore utility scissors.

And since the wood was ugly, I painted it silver. Oh yeah, and glued a head pin on the back with a loop in the end. To get it to lie flat, just clip of the flat head of the pin.

While I loved the color she used, I had a fabulous deep purple jersey on hand so that is what I used! ($5 for 5 yards at wally world!! Score.)

I just glued down all of my little circles just like she did, fluffed it a bit then trimmed the bits that stuck out and ta-da!!  A brand new pendant! I hung mine on a really cool bulky chain I had to contrast with the cutie-ness of the pompom.

Modeled by my lovely duct tape mannequin! Thank you so much for the fun tutorial, Rebekah!!Be sure to stop over there and check out hers too!!

~ Dani


  1. Very cute Dani! This could be another good girl scout project, especially for my older girls!

    1. Thank you! I bet they would like them! This one took me about 30-45 minutes but I had to take pictures every 5 minutes so it would be faster for them. Gonna try and make one with lace next. . .

  2. Oooh, yours turned out gorgeous! Love the color.
    Thanks for linking back to me!

    1. Thank you! My whole house would be decorated in that color if my hubby would let me. . .

  3. This necklace is too cute! I found your blog through Bleak 2 Unique, and am now your newest GFC follower!


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