Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby Gift Set out of 2 Fat Quaters - Prep

Hey guys! 

 We are about to take on a challenge! We will handmake – yes, handmake as many baby gifts as possible from just two fat quarters, a half yard of Terry cloth (or a towel!!), and a handful of other basic craft supplies. And yes, you can make everything. Even sewing machine newbies out there can make every one of these cute gift sets.

Let’s look at our ingredient list!

2 coordinating fat quarters – easy to find for just $1.00! oh, and please pretend mine coordinate ; )
½ yard of Terry cloth – a soft fluffy towel would work just fine too!
Suspender or mitten clip
Coordinating ribbons – Check the scrapbook section for tiny spools for just a dollar!
Plastic wrapper of some kind
Ultrahold Heat n Bond
One or more onesies!

Most of what we need will have leftovers once we finish our gift set so go ahead and grab a couple extra fabric quarters and make two sets!

  Time for some prep work! Your fabric needs a good wash to get rid of the sizing and to go ahead and shrink anything that is going to shrink. (Better now than later!)
  Open out your fabric quarters and Terry cloth and give em a quick wash on hot. Yes, I know it says to wash it in cold on the tag but things like burp cloths are going to have to be washed in hot later anyway.
  Before moving everything into the dryer (hot again!), take a moment and double check that lint trap because the Terry is going to shed . . . a lot.

Before the dryer cycle finishes, I pull out my cotton fabrics while they are still a bit damp. If you forget, no biggie! Just wet them down a little bit before pressing! Either way, break out the scissors and get all those threads trimmed off then iron nice and flat on the cotton setting.

Yeah, not sure why but I just love how pretty just ironed fabric looks. . .

To preserve our nice, neat fabric we must fold it. There seem to be a ton of methods but I will show you how I fold mine just in case you don’t have a preferred method yet. 

Lay out your fabric upside down with the short sides to your left and right.

Bring the top long side down to meet the bottom edge.

Fold the left side on over to the right edge.

Once more fold the left side over the right and enjoy how pretty your fabric looks!

  By now, your Terry should be ready to take out! Don’t iron it or anything, simply folding it on up will be fine!
  Alrighty guys! Go out and round up everything and get all of your fabrics ready cause tomorrow we are diving in!

Stay creative out there!

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  1. Nice fabric its so cute i will give it to my sister as a Baby Gifts for her baby shower.

    Thanks for sharing.


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