Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Gift Set - The Burpie!

Alrighty, Did yall go pick up some cute fabric?
Our first item up for business, a burp cloth! Every new mommy’s best friend ; ) 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Giveaway Ever!! SoKawaiiCreations Applique Giveaway!

Hey guy!

Guess what? I am hosting my very first giveaway!! I am super excited! I have recently added some new products to my Etsy that I am just in love with so I am giving them away! 

Appliqués are a great way to personalize anything! Adult clothes, baby clothes, tote bags, towels – almost anything that can be ironed can be appliquéd!!

Now onto the important part: the loot!

1 Customized initial appliqué – you choose the letter, the font, and the fabric!

 1 set of wings – choose from Angel, Dragon, Butterfly, or Dragonfly Fairy!

Any 1 other appliqué from my shop – you choose any other item from my shop, excluding initials, names, felt words, and wings.

The rules:

Easy Peasy! Just follow me (button up there on the right!) and leave me a comment saying you are! Anyone who is already following and is interested just needs to leave a comment so I know you are interested! *IMPORTANT* Only followers can win!

For another entry, stop by my shop here and look around. When you are done, come back and leave a comment with your favorite item!

On Friday, July 6th will pick out our winner! I will notify you so you can receive your prize!

Good luck!

~ Dani

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby Gift Set out of 2 Fat Quaters - Prep

Hey guys! 

 We are about to take on a challenge! We will handmake – yes, handmake as many baby gifts as possible from just two fat quarters, a half yard of Terry cloth (or a towel!!), and a handful of other basic craft supplies. And yes, you can make everything. Even sewing machine newbies out there can make every one of these cute gift sets.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tutorial: Fabulous Scrapbook Paper Bracelet

Hey guys!

I know there are a ton of tutorials out there for these style bracelets and pendants and whatnot, but I just finished this one and I am so proud of it! It just came out so cute I had to share so you can all make your own!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tutorial: Fast and Super Simple Stained Glass!


It is officially time to welcome the summer sunshine! And time to give the little ones and yourself something to fill up a summer afternoon (when does school start again?) This project can be made super simple for little ones or as complex as you can imagine!

I first saw this amazing project over at Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom and just had to try it too! Head on over and check out her great site while you are waiting for your masterpiece to dry!

Back from Texas!!

Hey yall!

 I am back from a great trip to Texas! We got to see my baby sister graduate from high school (pictures coming soon) and than got to see all of my husband's close family! It was a great trip but getting back into the swing of things around here is a bit slow going ; ) That is what we get for sleeping in until at least 9 everyday. . . 

We went to visit the beautiful park where we got married! These flowers were all over the place!

Kinda hard to see here but these guys are babies! Some kind of duck or goose with an ET style red splotch on their chests.

Soooooo cute! This big guy is a Nutria! He has big 'ol beaver teeth but he was gentle enough to take bread from our hands! He had 3 babies with him to aid in the food mooching ; )

Right near the spot where we got married! Such a gorgeous view!

Nerding it up with a night at Dave and Busters!!

Best waffle iron ever. And yes, I know my Texas is backwards. Turns out the best waffle iron ever wanted a few bites from the other side. . .

Look at those goofy guys! My awesome hubby and our nephew on a train ride!

My beautiful niece! Look at that smile! She knows she can get away with murder. . .

I will be back in a bit to share the cool little project I just finished!!

~ Dani

Monday, May 21, 2012

Awesome T-shirt refashion tutorials!

Hey yall!

 This last week I have been on a major refashion kick! Here are some really awesome tutorials on turning that basic tee hanging in your wardrobe into your new favorite piece!

Sachiko at Tea Rose Home has a super cute tutorial for adding some cute ruffles and lace to your top! Sooooo cute! Love it so much!

Megan makes a cute peasant-y top out of a couple green tees. Would love this in cream or purple!! Even cooler? You can download and print the instructions so you can keep them next to your sewing machine!

Looking for something truly unique? Check out this awesome elastic stitched top over at Made by Lex! So great textures and so different!

Katy gives a cute, feminine feel to an extra long tee by adding a lace panel down the front! Extra points for being from Texas!!

Finally, you know how much I love babies and baby bellies! Kristi not only has the cutest baby belly EVER she also has such a cute cardigan tutorial from a big ole T-shirt!

Check out these guys and go get your creativity on!
~ Dani